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  • Nanometer Calcium Carbonate [2017-06-29]

    Nano-calcium carbonate refers to a calcium carbonate polymer having at least one dimension of calcium carbonate particle size controlled between ...
  • We never stop on the road to[2017-04-15]

    Scientific and technological knowledge is ubiquitous, and our learning and living are inseparable from technology. The reason why our society can...
  • 2016 Annual Sales Meeting[2017-03-03]

    The sales elites all over the country gathered together. At the meeting, representatives from various sales points spoke and talked about
  • Into the production line to ...[2016-12-21]

    Nanometers are units of length, originally called nanometers, which is 10-9 meters (1 billionth of a meter). Nanoscience and technology, sometime...
  • The main industrial producti...[2016-11-30]

    Nano-scale ultrafine calcium carbonate has a very small particle size (usually 1 nm to 100 nm). It is difficult to produce nano-scale ultrafine c
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