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  • Calcium carbonate measuremen[2016-11-01]

    1, Determination of calcium carbonate content The original industry standard used acid-base back titration to determine the main content, expres...
  • Domestic calcium carbonate p[2016-09-27]

    The problem of overcapacity of structural calcium carbonate products in China is outstanding, and the product structure is not reasonable, in...
  • Unite and strive to open up [2016-08-02]

    How to define whether a company is an international company? According to my understanding, an internationalized enterprise is an enterprise not ...
  • Visit Shide Group[2016-06-29]

    "Quality First, Sincerity-based" is a common purpose of our company's service. In order to truly understand the real needs, opinions, and sug...
  • Our investment in ultra-fine...[2015-04-30]

    Jiangxi Bairui Calcium Carbonate Co., Ltd. is an important calcium carbonate production base in Jiangxi Province. Its subsidiary, Gao'an Hong...
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