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Inspection items Detection methods Device Name Specifications / Model Place of origin
CaCo3 content Complexometric titration Electronic balance FA1604S Shanghai
Moisture Loss on drying method Desktop drying oven WGT003 Chongqing
Alkalinity GB/T19281-2003 Electronic balance Strain Gauge Shanghai
PH value Potential method Digital pH meter PHS-25A Shanghai
Precipitated GB/T19281-2003 Electronic balance Strain Gauge Shanghai
Oil Absorption GB/T19281-2003 DOP Analytical pure Fujian Fuchen
Particle size   OMEC particle size analyzer LS-POP Zhuhai, Guangdong
Residue on Sieve GB/T19281-2003 Standard sieve 45μm Shanghai Xingxing Sieve
Whiteness   Digital whiteness meter SBDY-1 Shanghai Ruifeng
Iron, manganese Spectrophotometry Spectrophotometer 721A Sichuan
Loss on ignition Gravimetric method Energy-saving electric furnace SX2.5-10 Wuhan

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