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Visit Shide Group

"Quality First, Sincerity-based" is a common purpose of our company's service. In order to truly understand the real needs, opinions, and suggestions of our customers, we will communicate face-to-face with customers from time to time.
This time we visited the customer Shide Group Jiangxi Building Material Company, Shide Jiangxi Company can currently produce 80,000 tons of thermal energy-saving plastic profiles.

The main products are energy-saving and environment-friendly plastic profiles for doors and windows. Based on the high-end features of the Shide brand positioning, the product also develops supporting door and window profiles with high water-tightness, high airtightness, and thermal insulation characteristics for the characteristics of the southeast coastal areas. It has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Construction.

Series of products passed the national building materials testing center testing qualified. The product totals 6 series of 95 species. In 2012, aluminum alloy profiles will also be introduced. In the two major fields of PVC doors and windows profiles and aluminum doors and windows profiles, there will be a wide variety of doors and windows profiles system with a wide range of applications and wide application.

As a friend, we spoke to our customers in a casual and homely manner. We introduced products from the products our customers operated. From the understanding of the industry, people in charge talked about the details of the sales of plastic profiles and management models. And so on, through such communication we have more in-depth understanding of the customer's situation. Visiting customers in the field also allows customers to truly understand our products, understand our company's services, and draw closer to the relationship between our company and customers. We become friends with our customers, gain trust, and promote the development of our company's business. This successful field visit also made us more deeply aware that in the fierce market competition, we should pay attention to our own service attitude, carefully consider how to communicate with customers, and conduct effective communication.

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