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Domestic calcium carbonate products

The problem of overcapacity of structural calcium carbonate products in China is outstanding, and the product structure is not reasonable, in which the production capacity of heavy calcium is surplus, and nano-calcium and special calcium still need to be rinsed. The overall lack of technical innovation capability has led to low product quality, fewer well-known brands, and high pressure on environmental protection. The task of energy conservation and emission reduction is arduous. To solve these problems, the calcium carbonate industry must start from eliminating backward production capacity, promoting clean production, and developing high value-added products, and further optimize the product structure, improve technological innovation capabilities, and promote the industry to become professional, refined, and functional. The development of large-scale direction, and strive to achieve the overall goal of the world's calcium carbonate power.
In order to realize the orderly advance and retreat of the enterprise, the new project should be restricted from the aspects of single device scale, technical level, material consumption, energy consumption, and safety and environmental protection indicators. In terms of accelerating the elimination of lagging production capacity, we must increase safety and environmental protection inspection and penalties. Enterprises that do not meet the scale, technical requirements, and safety and environmental protection should speed up closure or deadline correction. Encourage enterprises to merge and reorganize to make them move towards the direction of grouping, scale, and park development, and further optimize resource allocation and increase industrial concentration.
The calcium carbonate industry must achieve maximum benefits through recycling and conservation of resources, with minimal resource consumption and minimal pollution. Energy-saving and emission-reduction is an important task in the development of circular economy. The calcium carbonate industry consumes no more than 190 kilograms of coal per tonne of product (including drying and calcining), consumes no more than 100 kwh of electricity, and consumes no more than 1,300 kilograms of ore. We must select and promote a number of advanced and mature technological achievements, implement technological transformations such as improvement of energy efficiency, clean production, comprehensive utilization of resources, and energy conservation and emission reduction, and effectively solve the problems of small mining and mining of large ore mines, introduce comprehensive development of new technologies, and improve practically. Comprehensive utilization of the mine. We will increase financial support for the development of recycling economy, energy conservation, emission reduction, and clean production, and strive to promote the transition from resource-dependent and extensive operations to quality and efficiency.
The principle of giving priority to both sides will become a trend in the development of the calcium carbonate industry. Light-calcium high-value-added functional products should reach 4 million tons, accounting for more than 35% of the total, with an average increase of 20% or more; annual average increase in heavy calcium content should be controlled within 1.5%, from the perspective of product upgrading Effective use of heavy calcium resources.
According to priorities, we will develop high-end products that meet market demand, guide companies to focus on resource-rich regions, and continuously increase industrial concentration. The calcium carbonate industry must work together with the plastics, paper, and coatings industries to improve the quality of finished products so that high-end products can dominate the market and low-end products can exit the market. In addition, calcium carbonate industry must continue to optimize the structure of import and export products, from the low end of the industrial chain and value chain to the high-end, focusing on the development of non-woven fabrics, PVC plastic pipe, plastic masterbatch, paper ink, medical toothpaste calcium, fine ceramics, High-tech projects such as polymer materials ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the calcium carbonate industry.


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